Crimping Kits


Available in 1 piece 24″ / or 2 piece 48″

$54.95 $129.90



Double action Hand Swaging Tool crimps single alloy sleeves 0.1mm to 2.2mm (up to 600 pound Jinkai or equivalent). Also can crimp oval and double copper sleeves to 2.2 mm.

•Stronger return spring.
•New non slide washer so you can crimp up side down without jaw lock sliding closed.
•Handle coated with marine grade non slide coating for grip and comfort.
•Solid CNC Machined S/S Jaws
•0.1mm to 2.2mm crimp size range.
•Powerful line and wire cutters on both sides of jaws.



Boxes contain 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 1.7mm, 2.0mm in either Alloy or Double Copper & Lumo Scuff Guards

Please note: For instance a 1.00mm Crimp is suitable for up to 1.00m diameter wire and will pass through the Oval Crimp twice.

Premium Quality “Laser Cut” (not the cheap wire cut ones)
These crimps can be used on Monofilament, Fluorocarbon and Wire leaders




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